The worst misconceptions about mobile slot games

Meet some of the top myths about agen slot cq9 mobile activity. Check the misconceptions that are still going about the contemporary mobile slot lovers.

If only 20 years ago it was a whole breakthrough for the slot lovers to play their top beloved game types from home – thanks to internet operators – today, they can enjoy even a huger convenience. With the appearance of the mobile devices and to be more specific, with the current domination they have over desktop devices, it was a matter of time for the online casinos to become mobile-friendly, too.

So it was for the slots. By all means, it’s a whole fortune to carry your most beloved slot games in your pocket. And today, it’s totally possible. The casinos with mobile apps or mobile website versions that work through a mobile browser allow you to play minimum 96% of the games they provide in the official desktops platforms. This limit of 4% for the mobile gamblers is very rarely related with the slot content. Usually, some of the live casino games are not compatible to mobile devices. And basically, almost all agen slot cq9 game developers make their products mobile-friendly.

Despite of the huge popularity the slots have among the mobile gamblers we can still observe some myths about the mobile slot experience. Moreover – there are a couple of bothering and worrying misconceptions about mobile slot games. We believe you should better know them.

When you play a slot game on a mobile device, it’s riskier in a technical aspect

Many players think that when the internet connection crashes they will lose the game. Not at all. All mobile slots are going to be kind of “paused” while you are having problems with your mobile data traffic or wifi connection. When you come back to the website or the app, you will continue the game from the moment it was interrupted. Speaking of wifi, we strongly recommend you to avoid it and use the more reliable mobile internet.

It’s the same whether you will play slots in an app or through a mobile browser

The benefits of using a mobile app for casino entertainment are a lot. And almost all of them are universal enough to relate with your mobile slot experience through a tablet or a smartphone. By all means, playing slots via an app is kind of bug-free. On the other side, you will receive regular notifications – in real time – about your favorite slot games directly from the company’s customer support team.

Using a mobile device for slots is not ok for your welcome bonus

The welcome bonuses are always available for usage via a mobile device, too. And the terms and conditions are always the same. Moreover – there are betting houses that are kind and generous enough even to give you an extra bonus for your decision to play slot games through its app rather than through the ordinary desktop or mobile browser version.


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