How to survive in case of a long poker session?

Take our free tips on how to remain in poker99 as long as you can. See how the best pros survive till the end of a long poker game.

We believe that it happened to you all the time – you prepare for a quick poker cash game, but suddenly you realize that this is going to last a bit longer than you expected. Long sessions in poker are things, by the way, you should always expect. It’s because no poker game is predictable enough to know whether you are going to make it for that early lunch or you are going to need to call for a lunch box at home.

In all cases, the most important thing for a long poker session is to survive. The longer you remain in the game, the better you chances you’ve got to win. And in many cases, even if you are not the final winner, you will still get some cash. But how to do so? How to last for longer in a long poker99 session? Check out some of our tips to have in mind every time you feel that this poker cash game or tournament will last more than you thought before:

  1. Divide the entire poker game into a couple of sessions. This is, of course, an improvising division, but in all cases, there will be a starting point. In this starting point your main goal is to play as safely as possible. Don’t rush and spend the time in folding to get to know the opponents you have. This knowledge will be later the golden mind for your win.
  2. It is a must to compete against the weakest poker players at the table in the very beginning. Many poker players think that it is better to deal with the most serious tasks during the start of the game, but they are totally wrong. If you start dealing with the pros at the table in the beginning, the chance to survive as long as possible gets almost zero.
  3. Steal the blinds once you understand that the poker game has immersed the middle session. Usually, this is the moment when you know your opponents and they know you, too. The middle session is also recognizable by the fact that the game progresses. There’s no longer “fold, fold and once again fold”. Some people start bluffing while the worst players are already gone.
  4. In the last hands, the ending sessions of the poker game, you should turn into a real lion. This is when the button all in is at your disposal and you might hit it with no hesitations. This is the time when being aggressive is not a recommendation, but a must if you really want to survive till the end of the game.
  5. Remain focused round the whole game. Just because the first stage is more of an informative one, it does not mean you should lose concentration here. On the contrary, analyzing the players at the table, for instance, is a very serious task you should perform with full concentration. Plus, while doing so you need to remain focused in the game, too.


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