Handicap Bets in Sportsbetting: What Ought to Know About It?

Because of the importance of handicap bets on point-based sports, this page detailedly discusses this betting format, along with marking examples for simplified acquaintances.

Online sportsbetting platforms have indeed positioned bettors before a world full of options. On competent online bookmaking sites, you are probable to encounter several sports options and various bets on events ranging from domestic to national to international stages. Furthermore, if you hunt for the most used betting types, names like Handicaps, Point Spreads, Moneyline, and more will stop by your acquaintances. Handicap bets, among them, can be proven extensively advantageous for you. Hence, let’s take a look at how it works.

Handicap Betting

In handicap betting, bookmaking sites provide certain disadvantages and advantages to competing sites in sports events that contain a collection of varied odds into an even financial contest. Majorly, handicap betting is commonplace in sports, like basketball, rugby, football, and tennis, based upon points. Besides, this betting type is also employed in racing events.

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Examples of Handicap Betting

Bookmakers create the money contest by granting a team underdog for point-based sports matches. For example, if Manchester United appears to lose by Leeds United, bookmakers can offer Manchester a handicap advantage of 2-0.

Now, if you place your bet on Leeds, and it wins the match by a 1-0 score, you will still lose your bet because of Manchester United’s advantage of 2 given by the bookmaking site.

Let’s go through another example to clarify the scenario even more. In a match between Brazil and Argentina, your bookmaking site has kept Brazil ahead with a handicap advantage of 3-0. Now, if you place a bet with the handicap advantage, and Argentina wins the match by 2-0, your bet will still bring winnings, as, for the bookmaker, Brazil has won the match with a 3-2 score.

No Draw Handicap Bets: What Do They Indicate?

When a handicap bet’s odds are presented in decimal numbers, it’s called a no-draw handicap bet. Such odds formats eliminate the possibility of draws because, in point-based sports, like football, basketball, and others, a half goal cannot happen. Here, you should remember that handicap bets position the advantage and the disadvantage on the team or individual you will wager on.

Because of not having provisions for decimal numbers, handicap bets will refund your wagered money if the respective match ends in a draw.

Handicap League Betting

Handicap League Betting’s setup is reasonably similar to the rules of handicap betting. But, with it, you can place a bet on the performance of a team in the entire league. The favorite squad of the season doesn’t have any advantage (SCR), and for the other teams, sportsbooks decide levels of benefits on the expected performance.

However, the most intriguing attribute regarding handicap league betting is you can distribute it in all teams competing with each other instead of endowing all the benefits you place a bet on.  


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