Top 5 major online slot wins.

Indonesia loves slots. They are thirsty for it, but one big shortcoming is that websites giving online slots aren’t satisfying. Moreover, sites do not pleasingly initiate winners. To this, joker123 online can be a great cover-up.

You can have your best time with slot machines right after the account is verified in joker123.

Why joker123 is the most recommended site is because it has adequate experience in holding customers- nearly six years now. With that, the management has enhanced, making sure that customers aren’t left unsatisfied. Each complaint is pondered upon for a better touch.

You’ll love how everything turns out in joker123, with a big slot win soon.

Talking about the big win, below are five big online slot wins that is bound to inspire you:

Top 5 major online slot wins ever.

  • Mega Moolah game from the Betway Casino begs the top spot, bearing a sum price of 2,81,30,29,30,876.00 Indonesian rupiah. The winner Jon Heywood, at the time of winning (2015), was 26 years old and based in the UK. Microgaming’s Mega Moolah proved to be his fortune opener. Adding more wealth to his fortune was the conversion of rates.
  • The second spot goes to the one who effectively described the mixture of miracle and luck, with a betting value of 25 cents only. It was NetEnt’s Mega Fortune game in 2013 to send the 40s man a humongous win of 3,00,06,33,54,511.73 Indonesian rupiah. This value had him placed in the first position for years until Jon Heywood had his conversion rates higher.
  • The Betsson casino and its mega fortune game have produced the third winner from Norway. The 2011 September was 1,99,17,00,74,012.31 Indonesian Rupiah lucky for the anonymous Norwegian man one night.
  • Yet again, Mega fortune brings the following big win worth 1,45,43,90,32,434.90 Indonesian Rupiah. The 2015 winner is home to Sweden with the name Alexander.
  • The Fifth winner with 1,30,25,31,40,000.00 Indonesian rupiah check is down from the Mega Moolah game by Topic mobile casino. The man’s staying anonymous but dripping in crazy wealth!


Online slots are creating millionaires, and the count has risen like never before. The easy accessibility has a good thing to add here.

Even the online slot histories are influencing, and you may misunderstand it for something that is ‘very frequently occurring.’

But before you undergo your first step to being a lucky millionaire- Wait!

Gambling websites do produce winners and pay their checks. But most often, it is worth nominal or a value that’s only adequate for a day, or a week at max. Only the extremely lucky ones pass-through for a higher price.

Because ‘hurryied’ you will enter foot on the wrong floor, which is everything else other than joker123.

Being a gambler of joker123 is all that Indonesians need to be the next person bagging a slot millionaire spot!        


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