5 Hearthstone Game skills to apply in your poker experience

This is why we believe that Hearthstone have something to do with poker dewaqq online. Read how the social game can help you in real-money poker.

During the last couple of years poker hasn’t been the only name card game lovers have been clicking on in the internet. As a matter of fact, the market share of the card games for the last decade has increased a lot. The specialists claim that poker has a big deal in this breakthrough, but the deeper studies show that there are plenty of other factors, including the free games available in most of today’s social networks.

Speaking of which, there’s one game I remember from the rise of social networks, which although a totally free game, has made a huge progress. We are talking about Hearthstone. It’s a game that thousands of people used to play it in the same time in the 2016th year. Made by the gaming leader in the sphere, Bizzard, Hearthstone is not appreciated, though, only for killing time and entertainment. A couple of its biggest fans even concluded that Hearthstone is very suitable for practicing some skills and habits that are needed in real-money games.

If I take poker as an example, here are the five things that Hearthstone can teach you to apply in a real dewaqq online gambling website:

  1. Forgetting the rules is a sin. In Hearthstone it’s necessary to know not only the rules, but also the values of the things, symbols and combinations you make. But isn’t it the same thing you should be always focused on when playing poker?
  2. In Hearthstone and in poker it’s necessary to always think out of the box. Unlike most of the free mode games right now (and before, when Hearthstone was created), the Bizzard hit required from a player to be more original in his or her moves rather than following some extra secret strategies only the gurus now. In poker, it’s the same, because the truth is that nowadays can read about any possible tactic for poker in the internet.
  3. When you lose you don’t start from the same place. In poker, this shouldn’t be a piece of fact to know or a skill to advance. It’s actually a great tip to always apply in your betting activity. Losses in poker (and in many other gambling services) shouldn’t be chased, especially if you have a very limited budget to fit in.
  4. The opponents only seem to be impossible to be overcome. Whether you are going to play against the computer, or in a multiplayer mode Hearthstone has been always created a sense of impossibility in the player’s head. Although this impossibility, players love the game. Doesn’t this just remind you of poker, guys? We all love it, but we also all think it’s 1 of 1 000 000 000 to become in a millionaire.
  5. Creating a social community of friends is not an optional or an extra to appreciate. It’s actually a great opportunity to learn more tricks and ideas how to improve your experience in both: Hearthstone and poker in the internet.


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