Most interesting facts about lotteries you might have never heard about

Did you know these interesting facts about togel? If you are an active lintastoto lottery player, these things might be quite curious for you to learn.

When we say lottery today, most of you might think off a website like lintastoto where the game is available 24/7 as long as you have good internet connection. But lottery is, as a matter of fact, more than just a gambling service from the 21st century. Being a model for many other hazard articles and games, lotteries have a rich background history. Today, we would like you to relax from your togel activity for a while and have a couple of leisure minutes. We have something to entertain you with.

Our material incorporates the most interesting facts about lotteries you might have never heard about. Check them out, especially if you claim to be the biggest lover of this game ever. And even if you don’t, as a gambling active customer you might be curious to hear them.

  1. In contrast to the common belief, lotteries did not appear in the States. As a lintastoto customer you might even think they firstly originated in Asia. But no. None of these places is the birthplace for the lottery game. Actually, the game appeared in The Netherlands (or Belgium according to some rough discussions; hence the two countries have history together and shared territory). It was back in the 15th century and the prizes were new tickets, while the first game of lottery offered 4000 entrance tickets in total.
  2. Many French artists are told to be some of the biggest lovers of gambling in general. Lotteries were favorites to a lot of popular painters, writers and even architects. However, rumors used to say that the biggest maniac and lover of lotteries was Voltaire.
  3. There’s a belief that women prefer lotteries more than men. If introducing this statement to today’s gambling reality in the internet, we would say that’s possible due to the fact that men in general like playing poker or placing sport bets instead.
  4. Due to the statement from above, there’s also a belief that about 40% of all the wins from lotteries are spent for…aesthetic surgeon procedures! Do you make the connection with the Asian provides of togel, who are by the way living in the most popular region for cosmetic procedures of the entire world?
  5. Although everyone claims to have his or her own lucky numbers, stats in lottery game within the years, have a specific set of numbers that might be the luckiest. They are, though, lucky not all set in a selection, which means it’s a good practice to add at least 2, but not all of these: 23, 25, 31, 33, 38, 43 and 44.
  6. The weirdest win in a lottery of all time was made by a policeman from the States. He won a lottery jackpot and eventually split the entire enormous amount with a randomly chosen waitress from his top favorite restaurant he used to go every day for a coffee and breakfast.


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