Did you know these sports betting facts?

Read a set of some really curious facts related with sports betting. Find out if you knew this interesting information about sports betting, bookmakers and punters nowadays.

Sports betting is something we all what it is about. This is the top popular gambling form and even though people who have never entered a casino or placed a wager know what sports betting means. However, we are almost 100% confident that among the most experienced there are people who haven’t heard of the following facts. They are all, of course, related with sports betting:

  1. Sports betting is usually related with football. This is why most of people believe that this form of gambling is hugely popular in the UK. But actually it is not Europe where the biggest number of sports punter we discover. It is in the USA, where gamblers really love placing wagers on American football, ice hockey and basketball.
  2. During the last 10 years the women don’t just try sports betting, but they register some higher rate of growth rather than the men. In other words, women become more interested in sports betting, while many male punters switch to casino games or some more exotic gambling forms such as virtual sports.
  3. Football is still the king, though. No matter what we count and how we analyze the market soccer bets are still the most favorite bets. This is why in most of the bookmakers – even those outside of the UK or Europe – soccer is not just on the bookie’s focus, but at the first position in the sports betting program.
  4. Sports betting is not the same during the last couple of years. With the revolution that bookmakers have done by going online and then, by releasing mobile applications the audience has thought it’s over. We had what we had. However, if you look at the market trends we can see that the punters expect more and more from their sports betting websites. And the bookmakers are pretty ambitious to keep satisfying their clients. So many of the latest innovations form the digital sphere as a whole immerse the sports betting niche, too.
  5. According to one of the latest studies in the field of sports betting 80% of the global population has placed one bet in a lifetime. The Asian market is a real record breaker in this study. The researchers have found out that in Asian continent the number of placed bets per day or per person in 24 hours is higher than anywhere else in the world.

So what do you think? Are you still so sure you know everything about sports betting? Don’t stop reading our materials to find out more and more cool facts and tricks related with your favorite gambling hobby – placing sports bets!


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